PEAS INC. dba C.T. Smith Co.

Company Description

C.T. Smith Co. has *CONTRACTS AVAILABLE* for Chinese Red cowpeas for both dryland and irrigated acreage, contract paying $45.00 cwt. Buyer to pay freight from farm to plant.


PEAS INC. dba C.T. Smith Co.

C.T. Smith Co. specializes in dry edible southern peas for the wholesale seed and food trades. We contract over 20 different varieties of peas from farmers all over the Southwest. We take pride in dealing only in southernpeas, some of which are heirloom varieties only grown by us in the United States. We believe in the importance of salvaging and maintaining southern pea varieties that otherwise would disappear from the market place.


For more information and contracting call (830)-569-2140  or (210)-867-9367.



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